Your future gift could give HOPE of a world free from MND. 
Thank you.

Patricia Fenney

My Husband Glyn was diagnosed with MND in 2013 and sadly passed away in 2016 aged 57. The sooner we can find a cure for MND the better. My pledge is just a small amount, Glyn always wanted me to donate something to help research.

Sue Batten

I hope this will help in the fight to find a cure

I have left a gift in my Will in-memory of my darling husband

He sadly passed away from this cruel disease in 2018. We were both very grateful to the Association for all of the help we received during the six years he faught the disease and I hope the funds will go towards research and also help others suffering from the disease.

Mrs S Jackson

My Late husband passed away with motor neurone disease and I trained as an Association Visitor so I feel strongly to do all I can to help.

David & Liz

In memory of our brother-in-law

Alan Tabbush

My brother-in-law died from MND in 1995 and I have supported the MNDA every since

John Jefkins

My wife lived with MND for 5 years. During that time she received a lot of help from our local branch of MNDA and from the MNDA funded team at John Radcliffe. Hence my decision to leave a legacy.

Carolyn Wood

No cure has been found

I lost my younger sister to MND

A cruel, evil disease. A cure has to be found soon to prevent the devastation it brings with it

Margaret Thurgood

My husband died from MND in 2013. We had 3 years of great help from the Association & NHS

My brother and I both have MND

Linda Piper

Ian & Beverley Lev

We have benefited from support from the MND Association

I was diagnosed with MND 3 years ago

I am now in a wheelchair. Anything that will help find out more about this disease must be done

Geoff Green

The reason that I have decided to leave a gift to MNDA is because a very good friend of mine recently died from MND after a very short time of being diagnosed (about a year) it was awful seeing him go down hill so rapidly and I feel very strongly that mnda needs lots more funds in order to do scientific research with the hope of finding some sort of cure or at least, a drug that will slow it down dramatically especially for the vigorous strain that Geoff was unfortunate enough to get.

My partner & nephew

I lost my partner of 42years to MND age 62. Also my nephew age 64 to MND

in loving memory of my dear husband

I've pledged a gift in my Will in loving memory of my dear husband, who died 8 years ago from this horrid disease, hoping it will help to find a cure

In loving memory


I hope I can help

Mark Brazier

In memory of Bernard


Legacy pledge

Mrs Pollard

My pledge


For people with MND


My pledge

David Sweet